AdChoices: Learn About Ads is committed to full disclosure. We've added this page to ensure you understand that during your visit to, you are presented with online advertising from third-party advertisers. Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the third-party advertisements that are shown on along with links to additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who places ads on

Where can I learn more about's privacy practices related to advertising?

What choices do I have about interest-based advertising?

  • Information about your visits to websites across the Internet may be used over time by third parties to help predict your interests and select the ads you see.
  • CenturyLink does not enable online advertising to be targeted to our customers based on their web browsing history.
  • Visit the Network Advertising Initiative to learn more about online behavioral advertising and to see your opt-out choices.

What choices do I have about location-based advertising?

  • Information about your geographic area may be used to select appropriate advertisements for you on the Internet.
  • Visit CenturyLink's location-based advertising web page to learn more about how CenturyLink helps improve the accuracy and relevance of geographically selected advertisements for our High-Speed Internet subscribers when they visit sites across the Internet.