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Market Your Business Effectively

  • Marketing Online

    "What's your Internet marketing strategy?" is usually the first question that follows the announcement, "Hey, my business's website is up." Answering that question with a solid grasp of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) or pay per click... Read More

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Small Business

    CRM is a big concept that combines sales, marketing, and customer service data and programs into one integrated system with the goal of winning new customers and keeping existing ones loyal. As a small business owner, it's likely you already juggle these ideas separately through an... Read More

  • Measuring and Monitoring Marketing Performance

    One nice thing about marketing online is the ability to track, analyze and test various different approaches to your marketing plan. This allows you to see what messages and mediums may work better for your target customer and what doesn't.

    See how your website performs by using... Read More

  • Offline Marketing for Small Business

    When it comes to marketing your small business, you may think you're not big enough to afford a marketing plan that includes advertising and a public relations strategy. But the reality is that offline marketing covers some fundamental business tools. Here are some... Read More

  • What is Social Media?

    The easiest way to think of social media is to consider it networking on a massive scale. Thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email newsletters, it's never been easier to stay connected to your customers and convert them to loyal customers-consider social media an integral... Read More

Improve Business Operations Through Technology

  • What is Internet-based Computing?

    In a nutshell, Internet-based computing or cloud computing is the ability to host and access data and software remotely via a secure and reliable <a href=" Read More

  • Data Storage Management Solutions for Small Businesses

    With computers now helping you manage nearly every facet of your business, the data you collect and use to run your operation is more critical than ever. Therefore, data storage management solutions need to be addressed as you acquire and build out your company's technology system. When your... Read More

  • High Speed Internet

    "Location, location, location." You hear that mantra spoken over and over when it comes to the success of any business. Today, you can add a high speed Internet or broadband Internet to the mantra. That's because the web serves as your second storefront. It's where your customers go... Read More

  • Email Systems to Run Your Small Business

    Sending emails to your customers, vendors, employees and professional network is much more than a simple exchange of information; it's another extension of your small business brand and identity. Like your<a href=" Read More

  • Managed Service Providers (MSP) for Small Businesses

    Outside of a technology company, there are very few people who go into business expecting to hire an IT manager to build an IT infrastructure that includes servers, a <a href=" Read More

  • Find a Business Phone that Works for Your Small Business

    Next to the street address for your small business or office, your phone number is one of the most powerful connections you have to your customers. The human voice has been the foundation of business deals and business relationships since the beginning of time. To that end, your customers and... Read More

  • What is an IT Consultant?

    Put simply, an IT consultant is someone who helps you figure out how to increase sales and productivity through technology and communications. To do this, they ask the questions you never thought to ask, from the most basic to the more complex: "Do you need a T1 line for <a href="http://biz... Read More

Protect Your Business

  • Protecting Your Data

    Every day your small business produces valuable data: sales receipts, client and customer files, sales presentations, vendor orders, financial records, human resources information, and more. If you lost this information from a computer crash, lost laptop, or data corruption you could end... Read More

  • Preventing Security Threats

    Protecting your business means protecting your digital assets as well as your physical assets. In terms of IT security, this can involve, among other threats, fighting off hackers looking to break into your company's network and steal your customer's credit card numbers or confidential... Read More

  • Is Your Small Business in Compliance?

    Every small business owner faces a slew of rules and regulations when they open for business. Many have to do with local business codes and laws regarding employees, safety and building issues or permits. Still more deal with compliance, a word that covers among other things, regulations connected to... Read More

Take Your Business Mobile

  • Connecting Inside the Office

    Every day, the ability to take your business mobile grows thanks to wireless Internet access through a WiFi or a mobile broadband connection, cellular communications, and a mobile smartphone, to name a few. And the more mobile you are, the easier it is for you to meet your customers and clients... Read More

  • Connecting Outside the Office

    Basically, a wireless data network, whether it's a WiFi Internet connection or mobile broadband connection, turns your business into a portable office with remote access to <a href=" Read More

  • The Wireless Phone - A Small Business Owner's Best Friend

    Today's wireless phones offer so much more than two-way voice conversations. Beyond long distance service and local phone service, mobile phones are truly an extension of your office. By utilizing fast cellular networks, access to WiFi Internet service, and thousands of smartphone... Read More