Business - FAQs

My bar has a website, but how do I target local customers and see a ROI on what I put into it? I don't have time to baby-sit the website.

You're correct in understanding what goes into many successful websites: frequent updates and fresh content. And we know that's likely very low on your list of things you want to do. However, there are easy ways to keep your website current through social media. With a smartphone linked to your site through Facebook or Twitter, you can let your best customers know what's going on in the bar this week or even this afternoon ("Guess which Bronco just walked into the bar!?"). No need to rush back to your computer to update a website. If you've sent a text message from your mobile phone, you can do social media.

You could also look into SEM, or search engine marketing. Put simply, this is where you pay for high placement in search engine results. So when people type "sports bar with pool tables" into a Google search, ideally your business appears. To ensure you reach that local audience, you can look into paying Google for the term "Arvada sports bar with pool tables." By adding "Arvada" to the search, you should shrink your cost from multiple dollars per click to several cents. To find out more spend some time at Google AdWords or Yahoo!'s version.