Business - FAQs

I just invested in a VoIP set-up for my office only to find out that my expensive speakerphone system doesn't work on it. What gives?

It's important to realize the phones used for a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) set-up are not the same ones you'd use with a traditional phone line. Since VoIP uses your Internet line to handle both business phone and broadband Internet connections, it usually requires a purpose-built VoIP phone.

While we can't tell you exactly where your speakerphone integration was overlooked, you do present a cautionary tale that we can all learn from. When it comes to technology, don't assume that everything works seamlessly together. This is a case where hiring an IT consultant to help guide you through the decision might have been money well spent. He or she would've observed your operation and then listed out all the features you need or want. From there you should be left with a checklist of questions to ask when you started shopping for VoIP providers.