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Protecting Your Data

Every day your small business produces valuable data: sales receipts, client and customer files, sales presentations, vendor orders, financial records, human resources information, and more. If you lost this information from a computer crash, lost laptop, or data corruption you could end up out-of-business until you painstakingly recovered this data-if you could at all. With this in mind, a regular data backup plan is a critical step to protecting your day-to-day operations.

You have options when it comes to backup. Offline data backup can be accomplished yourself by connecting a separate hard drive to your computer and copying files to it on a regular basis or by installing your own backup server that can automatically backup your business files at night. If you do follow this process, make copies of your files on CDs or DVDs and keep them offsite in a secure place.

Online backup , available with a secure high speed Internet connection, is easy to manage and set up. With this option, you backup your information on remote servers and can set up your service to automatically back up your systems at assigned times throughout the day or at night, when you're not working.

With offline or online backup, make sure to test your solution to make sure you can recover your data. You don't want to discover that your backup plan doesn't work when your system crashes