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What is an IT Consultant?

Put simply, an IT consultant is someone who helps you figure out how to increase sales and productivity through technology and communications. To do this, they ask the questions you never thought to ask, from the most basic to the more complex: "Do you need a T1 line for high speed Internet when all you want is email?" or "How often do you need to back up your data?" and "What's your digital marketing vision?" and "Do you know what digital marketing is?"

They also get you thinking about your company's IT infrastructure with questions along the lines of "What's your data protection plan for your network and your customer database? Where are you going to securely store your important customer information like contact information, purchase histories or even medical histories? Is a unified VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone and Internet system right for your business? Do you want a full-time IT manager to handle this stuff or do you want to outsource as much as possible to a managed service provider (MSP)?"

Done right, this IT consultant delivers an action plan of concrete IT solutions that allows you to concentrate on running your business to its maximum potential. Best of all, help doesn't have to be expensive and doesn't require someone dedicated to an IT company.