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Preventing Security Threats

Protecting your business means protecting your digital assets as well as your physical assets. In terms of IT security, this can involve, among other threats, fighting off hackers looking to break into your company's network and steal your customer's credit card numbers or confidential records. If you think that's of no concern, realize that IT security management also covers automated data back up and recovery in case of a computer crash or other bug.

In your store or office, you want to keep your company's data and information safe with the help of a secured network accessible via log-in and an Internet security package with anti-SPAM, anti-spyware and antivirus software. A redundant high speed Internet connection to ensure you never lose access to your customers qualifies as a security move.

Protection involves encryption software for your wireless network and email. It means finding a managed service provider to host your small business website and store your records on servers that are locked down tight.

Above all, however, protecting your data equals trust. If your customers trust you to keep their information safe, they have one more reason to stay customers.