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Measuring and Monitoring Marketing Performance

One nice thing about marketing online is the ability to track, analyze and test various different approaches to your marketing plan. This allows you to see what messages and mediums may work better for your target customer and what doesn't.

See how your website performs by using analytics tools such as Webtrends and Google Analytics. These tools can tell you what are the most popular pages on your website, when the most people come to your site, and in some cases how they got there.

With email marketing systems, you can track how many people opened your sales email and then you can start to experiment with topics, subject lines, and days of the week to see when and what messages or offers people are most interested in.

Marketing automation tools connected to your customer database (a part of Customer Relationship Management) can help you create and manage custom 800 numbers, email lists, and coded coupons that will allow you to track the results of your marketing efforts.

Blog platforms such as WordPress and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), provide similar tools. Use them to monitor your small business's online community and keep those valuable conversations going. This two-way conversation between your business and your customers can shed light on what new products and services they'd like to see from you. And it can also alert you to customer service issues.

Text-message marketing is also easy to track and analyze. With this technology, your customers receive a short text message offer from you on their wireless phones and then they reply with a special code or password to redeem their prize or coupon.