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Can Cloud Computing save me money?

In short, yes. You probably already use many elements of cloud computing to run your business already. Payroll, billing, tax payments and tax filing are all basic small-business needs that can be done "in the cloud" via a secure log-in to an online service or website. As a result, you usually don't need to buy, load, and update costly software. The online resource should stay up-to-date and store your company's information as well.

Cloud computing also gets to the core of e-commerce. Think of eBay or Amazon. Both websites are examples of cloud computing. They make it easy to create an online storefront, set-up a PayPal account, and start taking orders. There's really not a large need for capital investment in software or technology.

These days, pretty much any small business management software or data storage need can be met through "the cloud," cheaply and perhaps more importantly, it can happen quickly.