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Got any advice on the best mobile phones for my business?

Today's smartphones are powerful computers in their own right. Besides their phone applications, they can access your email, the Internet through a high speed 3G or 4G connection, let you open docs and spreadsheets, take pictures and video, and more. Whether you choose to go with a BlackBerry, an Android-enabled phone, or an iPhone will depend on a variety of factors: costs, coverage, and features, even what smartphones your customers prefer. Companies also offer phones tailored to your business, i.e. rugged waterproof and shockproof phones for use in tough environments or software that allows you to display graphic rich content.

As we don't know the specifics of your company, we can't tell you which one's best, but we do have one piece of advice: Whatever smartphone you use, think about making that the default phone for your company. This can streamline the technology and software needs for your company and should make syncing your business phone and business email with your smartphone a one-time learning process. Then, whenever you add employees, you can either supply them with the same phone or tell them to purchase the company's default smartphone if they want to access their business email and phone.