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The Wireless Phone - A Small Business Owner's Best Friend

Today's wireless phones offer so much more than two-way voice conversations. Beyond long distance service and local phone service, mobile phones are truly an extension of your office. By utilizing fast cellular networks, access to WiFi Internet service, and thousands of smartphone applications (apps) tailored for business support, the wireless phone has put customer service, digital marketing, and fulfillment operations in the palm of your hand.

Here's how:

Route your business phone (even a toll-free number) and email - including your calendar - to your wireless phone and never miss a call, meeting or sale. Close the deal and instantly email your staff with the news, so they can start on this new business right away.

Got an idea to leverage social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, email news) to engage your customers? Today's smartphones will let you post updates from anywhere at any time to keep your customers informed, your website current and fresh.

As mobile phones grow more powerful, the need to haul around a laptop computer with a mobile broadband connection diminishes. And let's face it, you may not always remember to bring a laptop-or want to-but you will always carry your cell phone. These days, your customers, clients, and your employees expect it.

Best of all, it doesn't cost much. Many business phone service providers also offer affordable wireless phone service for one or multiple cell phones as part of their bundled packages. This makes technical support easy and billing and cost management even easier.