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Connecting Outside the Office

Basically, a wireless data network, whether it's a WiFi Internet connection or mobile broadband connection, turns your business into a portable office with remote access to high speed Internet service via your laptop computer's wireless modem. Today's smartphones work as well; many of them have the ability to handle many office computing functions.

Whether you're in your car or meeting in a customer's office and you have access to the Internet, you can get a hold of all your business files stored on remote servers. You can send and receive business email. You can download presentations and sales materials. You can instantly upload new customer information and data to your business, so employees at the office, factory, or store can start fulfilling that order immediately.

Close a big sale? Stumble upon some news in the field that your customers should know about? With a wireless Internet connection you can tell them quickly via email, a blog post to your website, and updates to your social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. All told, this rapid response strategy is a critical response component of CRM (customer relationship management).

In short, taking your business mobile means your customers can find you, you can find your employees, and you buy yourself the flexibility to take care of business where and when you want. It may even eliminate the need for an office.