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What is Internet-based Computing?

In a nutshell, Internet-based computing or cloud computing is the ability to host and access data and software remotely via a secure and reliable high speed Internet connection. With cloud computing, you don't have to invest in additional computers, servers or software as your business grows; you only pay for what you need in terms of technology and data storage. And if your company hits a rough patch and shrinks, you can reduce your investment in "the cloud" instead of ending up with underutilized computer servers in your office. In addition, outsourcing technology and processing functions to "the cloud" frees you up from the cost and worry of maintenance. All of this allows you to spend more time focusing on your small business and customers.

Not long ago, Internet-based computing was the sole domain of mid- to large-sized companies that could afford it to pay for the development of cloud computing companies and services. Now, however, this technology is a viable and cost effective option for companies of any size-including one-person operations.

Cloud technology should be a consideration for any data protection plan, since it offers data back up and data recovery in case of a computer crash or worse at your small business.

This peace of mind can also come with more flexibility in software. Cloud computing software gives you access to powerful database and communications software that you can access from any computer - even your mobile phone. Want to open an e-commerce section on your small business website? There's an application available online that will have you open for business in no time. Again, you only pay for the software you need, when you need it.

Small business email, inventory control, production tracking and

CRM (customer relationship management) -

these are just some of tools, in addition to the features above, that you can find in "the cloud."