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Data Storage Management Solutions for Small Businesses

With computers now helping you manage nearly every facet of your business, the data you collect and use to run your operation is more critical than ever. Therefore, data storage management solutions need to be addressed as you acquire and build out your company's technology system. When your system crashes or goes down-or is lost due to a physical loss such as a misplaced laptop or building fire or flood-easy data recovery could mean the difference between losing weeks of productivity while rebuilding those files or returning to business as usual in a matter of hours.

There are four ways to handle data back up:

Direct attached storage: This is as simple as wiring up your computer with an external hard drive and then setting aside some time each day or week to perform a data back-up to the hard drive.

Network area storage: When people talk about storing files on their servers, this is what they mean. Set-up involves housing and maintaining a server onsite. For companies with multiple network-connected computers in use on a daily basis, this system allows for file sharing as well as data storage.

Storage area network (SAN): Generally, SAN storage is recommended if you use more than four servers. For small technology firms or digital production or digital media companies that handle tons of data SAN - while expensive and complex to set up and manage - is the most reliable when it comes to back up and recovery of data.

Offsite storage:

With a secure

high speed Internet

connection, you have the option of using a remote server for online backup. A function of

cloud computing

, online data storage minimizes the investment in hardware and software you need to make while helping to ensure that your data stays safe in case of a fire or flood at your business.