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What's the easiest way to secure my computers and network?

The easiest tip is to use a complex password for your system and change it often. This is a critical step, since an easy password can undo even the best IT security program and set-up. At a minimum, make yours 8 characters long and use a mix of numbers and upper- and lower-case letters. Then don't reveal that password to anyone, especially unsolicited requests for it by your Internet service provider or your managed service provider. Criminals often claim to be from those services in order to trick you into giving up your password.

Beyond that, make sure your high speed Internet connection comes with a firewall that's updated frequently to stop attacks from malicious computer viruses. You want to set up your software so that it automatically updates itself with the latest security measures. And if you have a wireless network in your office, make sure its encrypted and requires a complex log-in/password protocol that changes frequently.