Business - FAQs

How can I best tell my company's story on my website? I run a Rapid Prototype business using 3D printers. To meet the needs of our clients, I bring together several contractors under one roof. I want to get the message out to my customers that this structure allows for a lot of flexibility and high-quality, quick turnarounds for my customers.

To demonstrate how your process works, you could follow two options (or both). First, add a webpage to your current site that shows people, step-by-step, how all your contractors contribute to a job. Use photos and descriptions. Next, consider adding or connecting a new blog to your website. This is where you can post a photo of a challenging, yet successful job and then write a quick description of it underneath. Since most blog software includes the ability to add comments, your contractors can add comments on their specific role on the job. And you can invite your customer to add their feedback as well.