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High Speed Internet

"Location, location, location." You hear that mantra spoken over and over when it comes to the success of any business. Today, you can add a high speed Internet or broadband Internet to the mantra. That's because the web serves as your second storefront. It's where your customers go first to learn about your business. With a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection, you can reach your customers through a website 24 hours a day and more importantly, they can reach you.

Businesses have several options available for high speed Internet service. Among the more common are:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) - Fast, reliable connection than runs through phone or fiber-optic lines.
  • Cable - Internet access through a cable TV provider.
  • Satellite - For businesses outside DSL or cable provider service areas.
  • T1 - Called a "leased line," it's a dedicated connection between you and the provider with guaranteed bandwidth. Ideal for larger or rapidly growing companies.

Most high speed Internet service comes as bundled packages that include website hosting,business phone systems, data storage on remote servers, wireless and mobile Internet, plus email hosting. When selecting your high speed Internet provider, make sure they own their own connection to the Internet (called a "Tier 1" provider). Also, check into their Service Level Agreement so you don't end up surprised by costs associated with equipment and setup or technical support and upgrades.

Beyond these features there's an array of products and services available to businesses with broadband Internet access. Some key benefits are spelled out below:

Marketing Online : Send out email newsletters to your customer database. Create your company's website and update it daily with a Twitter feed or blog that invites customers to respond.

Data Storage Management : With a high speed Internet connection, it's easy to safeguard your business's important information on a remote and secure server that automatically backs up your data every evening - or several times a day if you like. You can also handle IT security this way, outsourcing anti-virus, anti-SPAM, and anti-spyware services to an online vendor who protects your business systems 24 hours a day.

Internet-Based Computing :

The concept of Internet-based computing or cloud computing simply refers to easy online access to powerful software and programs ranging from e-commerce for online sales management to customer databases used in

CRM (customer relationship management)

. This saves you the headache of buying and installing costly and inflexible software and equipment at your business. Say you want to start selling products and services online: There's a vendor who can set up and start hosting your online store in a matter of a couple days, not weeks and at a significantly reduced impact on your bottom line.