Business - FAQs

Do you know if direct mail or email is more effective? I've been using email for months, but I think it's time to do something new.

Direct mail vs. email? The best answer is to do both. The reason is that you have customers that will respond better to a piece of mail and others that are better reached through an email blast. But like any piece of marketing, the effectiveness of either strategy depends on the message and what you're offering (new services, products, deep discount promotions, etc.).

If you're considering costs and time, email is usually less expensive and more efficient than utilizing a designer to create and print your direct mail piece and then pay the US Post Office to deliver it. We think it's a good idea to see how effective your email efforts can be before you institute a direct mail campaign.

Try out the following with your future email campaigns:

  • Write a short and specific subject line. Clever ones or teaser ones don't work. Words like "sale" and "discount" are powerful and effective words.
  • Keep your email message short and to the point.
  • Limit your email blasts to one per week, two at the most. Send too many emails out, and your email may be listed as SPAM.
  • Use an email-marketing program like Constant Contact to send out your email blasts so you receive analytics and data that will help you hone your messaging.
  • Try sending your emails on different days of the week to figure out which day(s) generates the most opened email.