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Find a Business Phone that Works for Your Small Business

Next to the street address for your small business or office, your phone number is one of the most powerful connections you have to your customers. The human voice has been the foundation of business deals and business relationships since the beginning of time. To that end, your customers and clients want to reach you and talk to you no matter where they are-or where you are, for that matter. Having the right business phone system with the right features you need (call forwarding, out-of-office notification, conference calling, and automated routing to individual phone extensions) are the front end of your business's CRM (customer relationship management strategy.

To achieve this, you need a local business phone number (nothing says "local" like your number's area code),long distance phone service and awireless phone provider that forwards calls from your office to your cell phone when you're away. You may also want a toll-free number that spans the country, and as your business grows, you'll need a business phone system with the flexibility to expand from one line to more than twenty.

And keep in mind, your business phone line will also be used to send faxes, process credit card orders and provide a direct link to your alarm system provider.

The final form your business phone service takes can come in several ways: a simple phone connection - much like the one to your home - or a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system which bundles your phone service and broadband Internet service over a single Internet connection. Both options come as part of cost-effective bundled packages that combine business phone and high speed Internet access, plus many more features such as website hosting, remote data back up and data recovery and mobile office solutions.