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Connecting Inside the Office

Every day, the ability to take your business mobile grows thanks to wireless Internet access through a WiFi or a mobile broadband connection, cellular communications, and a mobile smartphone, to name a few. And the more mobile you are, the easier it is for you to meet your customers and clients where they live and do business, instead of asking them to come to you.

This wireless revolution has also made the office a much more flexible and efficient place thanks to wireless network technology and a wireless card installed on your laptop. The combination frees up your business to easily add computers to your network or move your office out of the back room and to the front of the store-or anywhere you like within your business-without installing dedicated lines.

You can take this freedom one step further with remote access to your network and email system. This ensures that you quickly respond to your customers and have complete access to the business files you need to take care of those clients. Add a mobile smartphone to your wireless arsenal and you can stay in near constant contact with basic email, social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which you can then link to your business's website so it stays fresh and relevant.