Manage Your Account
My CenturyLink Bill
  • View/Pay Bill Online
    To see your bill and pay it online, simply click on View/Pay Bill Online. You can see all charges and pay any balances.
  • Billing Help
    Getting help when you need it is easy. You can find answers to your bill-related questions, and more on the CenturyLink support page.
  • Add/Remove Services
    To view the details of your CenturyLink account, log in to My Account. You will then be given instructions on how to add/remove services.
  • Special Offers
    Stay up-to-date on current offers and discounts, as well as options for upgrading your service at the best price!
  • 3rd Party Billing
    Cramming occurs when unauthorized charges appear on your telephone bill. To help prevent unwanted third party charges on your bill, contact CenturyLink and request, at no charge, a bill block that will prevent some third party charges such as charitable contributions, dial-up Internet by non-CenturyLink companies or other non-telecommunications charges from appearing on your bill.
Customize My Homepage
  • Add Content
    Make your Homepage even better by selecting and adding the topics, services and sites that appeal to you!
  • Create Account
    If you are the primary account holder (your name is on the bill) and you would like to create a new CenturyLink email account, visit the Create Account page. Once you create your new account, you will be able to add up to 7 additional email accounts for members of your household by visiting the Add/Delete Mailbox page.
  • Add/Delete Mailbox
    If you have an existing CenturyLink email address and would like to add up to 7 additional email accounts for members of your household, visit the Add/Delete Mailbox page to get started. Note - you must be the primary account holder (your name is on the bill) to add email accounts.
  • Email Settings
    Easily access and manage email account information by visiting the Email Settings page. Edit user accounts, add additional usernames, and update password and security information.
  • Username Management
    It is easy to create a new CenturyLink username by visiting the Username Management page. From there you can also edit user accounts, update passwords and security information.
  • Access Management
    Be in control of what users in your household can access. Find a selection of items to which you can easily deny or permit access.
  • Online Transactions
    Instantly view all credit card purchase activity associated with your CenturyLink account.
  • Downloads
    Gives you the ability to download software specific to enhancing your CenturyLink Internet experience.